Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Revenue from laptops exceeds that of tablets again in Netherlands

Market research agency GfK has estimated that there will be more turnover achieved on the Dutch market of laptops than from tablets. Although tablets were on the rise, its price is under pressure, according to the survey.

The latest findings by GfK on its website published . This shows that more revenue is earned from laptops than from tablets. During the quarter in Netherlands That's for the first time in years, according to GfK. The reason for this would be that the average price on the tablet market stress, despite the increased sales of tablet sales does not increase proportionally, something that would be because more and more manufacturers trying to cheap tablet models, thus increasing competition on price caused.

Inside the laptop market concerns especially the 'thin and light' models and traditional laptops for a sales increase compared with the previous quarter. Other groups, although these are not defined, would just have recorded a decline in sales in the last quarter, compared with the previous quarter.

AMD announces new apu-socs

AMD on AMD Developer Summit announced two new mobile soc s with codenames Mullins and Beema. Both socs will Temash and Kabini-socs for simple laptops and tablets follow. It is the consumption significantly lowered.
Beema and Mullins both have at their disposal two to four CPU cores, codenamed Puma, the successor to Jaguar. In addition, both socs get access to a GPU based on the GCN architecture. Beema gets a TDP with 10 to 25 watts, depending on the version. Mullins is designed for tablets and with a TDP of 4.5 watts requires no active cooling remember what was in the 8-watt Temash soc still the case. The SDP of the Mullins-apu is 2 watts. Both socs are baked at 28nm. Details about clock frequencies, AMD has not given, but the following scores in PCMark 8 should indicate the relative difference in speed.

Beema and Mullins both get an ARM Cortex-A5 processor integrated on the soc. Using ARM TrustZone can be next to a normal environment a special 'safe' environment is created, which the software has no access in the normal environment. In practice, this can be used for example for security when storing passwords. Unlike previous rumors support Mullins and Beema no hsa and True Audio, which will remain reserved for the AMD Kaveri -apu. Support for connected standby is there.