Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Revenue from laptops exceeds that of tablets again in Netherlands

Market research agency GfK has estimated that there will be more turnover achieved on the Dutch market of laptops than from tablets. Although tablets were on the rise, its price is under pressure, according to the survey.

The latest findings by GfK on its website published . This shows that more revenue is earned from laptops than from tablets. During the quarter in Netherlands That's for the first time in years, according to GfK. The reason for this would be that the average price on the tablet market stress, despite the increased sales of tablet sales does not increase proportionally, something that would be because more and more manufacturers trying to cheap tablet models, thus increasing competition on price caused.

Inside the laptop market concerns especially the 'thin and light' models and traditional laptops for a sales increase compared with the previous quarter. Other groups, although these are not defined, would just have recorded a decline in sales in the last quarter, compared with the previous quarter.

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