Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Revenue from laptops exceeds that of tablets again in Netherlands

Market research agency GfK has estimated that there will be more turnover achieved on the Dutch market of laptops than from tablets. Although tablets were on the rise, its price is under pressure, according to the survey.

The latest findings by GfK on its website published . This shows that more revenue is earned from laptops than from tablets. During the quarter in Netherlands That's for the first time in years, according to GfK. The reason for this would be that the average price on the tablet market stress, despite the increased sales of tablet sales does not increase proportionally, something that would be because more and more manufacturers trying to cheap tablet models, thus increasing competition on price caused.

Inside the laptop market concerns especially the 'thin and light' models and traditional laptops for a sales increase compared with the previous quarter. Other groups, although these are not defined, would just have recorded a decline in sales in the last quarter, compared with the previous quarter.

AMD announces new apu-socs

AMD on AMD Developer Summit announced two new mobile soc s with codenames Mullins and Beema. Both socs will Temash and Kabini-socs for simple laptops and tablets follow. It is the consumption significantly lowered.
Beema and Mullins both have at their disposal two to four CPU cores, codenamed Puma, the successor to Jaguar. In addition, both socs get access to a GPU based on the GCN architecture. Beema gets a TDP with 10 to 25 watts, depending on the version. Mullins is designed for tablets and with a TDP of 4.5 watts requires no active cooling remember what was in the 8-watt Temash soc still the case. The SDP of the Mullins-apu is 2 watts. Both socs are baked at 28nm. Details about clock frequencies, AMD has not given, but the following scores in PCMark 8 should indicate the relative difference in speed.

Beema and Mullins both get an ARM Cortex-A5 processor integrated on the soc. Using ARM TrustZone can be next to a normal environment a special 'safe' environment is created, which the software has no access in the normal environment. In practice, this can be used for example for security when storing passwords. Unlike previous rumors support Mullins and Beema no hsa and True Audio, which will remain reserved for the AMD Kaveri -apu. Support for connected standby is there.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

PC overclocking myth

Is it worth these days still, even to lend a hand and to overclock the processor or the graphics card? PC World empirically examined the benefits and drawbacks of the traditional overclocking.
pc performance

Almost 20 years, provides the Intel Pentium processor out with 60 MHz and a CPU core. At that time, computing power is a precious commodity and every megahertz more immediately noticeable - even at word processing. Ten years ago, before the GPU is Nvidia Geforce fourth DirectX 8 chip with AGP interface is becoming a bestseller, especially graphics cards with NVIDIA GeForce 4 Ti 4200th With the graphics chip, the underwater shooter Aquanox can play first in the 1600-resolution liquid with all its graphic glory. But already in the same year published successor "Aquanox 2: Revelation" GeForce 4 cards already forces in the 1280 resolution in the knee.

Looking back to the past two decades shows that overclocking represented a sensible and affordable way to speed up programs significantly: So-called killer apps from the past such as Photoshop in a production area or the first 3D games from the entertainment sector overwhelm the former hardware and require more power, which one tickles by higher level from the semiconductor chip. The aim is to trick overclocking barriers and technical barriers that have incorporated the manufacturer in their processors. OC-classics such as the L1 bridges of Thunderbird are a historical witness of this era.
over clocking

Nowadays you can get for little money multi-core processors running at 3000 MHz and for running demanding applications such as video editing provide more than enough processing power. The latest 3D games usually run with a nearly two-year-old middle-class graphics card, such as the Zotac GeForce GTX 460 AMP! liquid. Yes, graphics cards have become so strong right that they displace in high-performance computers, the classic CPU cluster. On the other hand, there is a lack of killer applications. Best example: 3D games were a few years ago, the driving force for PC upgrades. Meanwhile, the hardware still hungriest game on the market for nearly five years under his belt. Crysis

CPU and GPU manufacturers use today not more power locks - on the contrary: Intel leads in November 2008 with the Nehalem generation of processors on the automatic overclocking feature Turbo Boost. AMD pulls in April 2010, according to the Phenom II X6, which dominates the technically similar overclocking Turbo CORE technology.
End of 2010, the additional performance acceleration Factory holds the first time in the GPU Radeon HD 6970 and 6950 under the name PowerTune collection. And with NVIDIA GPU Boost has since the end of March 2012 with the launch of the GeForce GTX 680 now an automatic overclocking function in the program. All techniques have in common a thermal protection function that prevents the semiconductor chip from dying of heatstroke. Moreover the overclocking dynamically limited by the power consumption and the heat generation of the entire processor.

Conclusion: brings to overclock the CPU or the graphics card by hand more risks than benefits. You will void the warranty, make your system more stable and stronger heat often attracts a higher level of noise noisy fan after themselves. The benefit is, however, a modest increase in power in the single digits or low double-digit percentage range, which has rarely used in practice a significant impact . One exception is the refresh rate represents in games where you can easily jerky representation through targeted overclocking the boundary between 25 and 30 frames / sec behind.

In time, however, the under clocking to in desktop mode to consume less power. For example, the performance of our test platform reduces pickup with a Radeon HD 7870 graphics card by almost 15 percent. Using tools like Afterburner you can set example for your graphics card a power-saving profile that you have a fully adjustable keyboard shortcuts can easily and conveniently on and off. Afterburner works with both AMD and Nvidia graphics chips and also with older graphics cards. For under clocking the CPU, there are no universal tool. Owners of motherboards with the AMD 700 series chipset, 800 and 900 can at least AMD Overdrive used for this purpose.

Europe begins strict rationing of IPv4 addresses

Due to the increasing scarcity of the old IP addresses to be issued in future only be limited.
Europe slowly go the IP addresses from under the old IPv4 standard. Companies may therefore only once to look for new addresses and get up to 1,024 of them handed out. The authority responsible for the allocation of European Internet provider organization Ripe NCC's response to the ever-increasing shortage of IP addresses.

The created in the 70s after the IPv4 address space includes standard 4.3 billion IP addresses. The then appears sufficient number is now almost exhausted. With IPv6 is indeed already a new standard in the wings, but the demand for the older addresses still very high.

Ripe NCC only yesterday were still 16 million IPv4 addresses available, for this reason, the allocation of providers now strictly regulated. After this single award of up to 1,024 addresses can be ordered any more. In addition, all applicants must demonstrate how and when they want to move to IPv6.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Google Vs. Oracle: The winner, The looser

Sun Microsystems aka Oracle (2010 acquisition) was filled a lawsuit against Google, infringing that android platform made by Google violated its patent in java language. As the years ago before acquisition Sun had happy relationship with Google. Now the oracle lawsuit makes it sour.
Java is a powerful programming language which was invented in 1990’s at sun microsystems. From that day java starts to roll on every single thing. You can find it windows,linux,mac.
The most powerful thing of java is , it has a program called JVM aka java virtual machine. If one writes a program say in windows, it can able to run the same program on mac or linux.
So, what’s it to do with android? Many things, As the java has virtual capability so most of 3d games today written in java. So do you thing the popular games like temple run, angry birds etc . Most of from java. Now it looks like oracle has a lot of things to accuse Google.
Now here come the most interesting thing, the java api is free!! Yeah, it’s open source software and now Google is using it in android. It’s seems Google just came under fire because the popularity of android.
So whatever the cause, the tech world needs to settle this lawsuit asap. It’s very hurt’s when we see these two powerful tech giant like Google& oracle and throw muscle to each other

Guess the name of android robot

The tiny little adorable cute android robot does have any name ?  uh.. may be , some developers call it “Mike “ ha ha . Funny! Mike who?
In Google, they say it Droid or Bug droid..  Oh see a big robot outside their office? Saw it? That huge one as they called “Big droid” and the little green dog beside it named “alex”