Friday, April 20, 2012

Google Vs. Oracle: The winner, The looser

Sun Microsystems aka Oracle (2010 acquisition) was filled a lawsuit against Google, infringing that android platform made by Google violated its patent in java language. As the years ago before acquisition Sun had happy relationship with Google. Now the oracle lawsuit makes it sour.
Java is a powerful programming language which was invented in 1990’s at sun microsystems. From that day java starts to roll on every single thing. You can find it windows,linux,mac.
The most powerful thing of java is , it has a program called JVM aka java virtual machine. If one writes a program say in windows, it can able to run the same program on mac or linux.
So, what’s it to do with android? Many things, As the java has virtual capability so most of 3d games today written in java. So do you thing the popular games like temple run, angry birds etc . Most of from java. Now it looks like oracle has a lot of things to accuse Google.
Now here come the most interesting thing, the java api is free!! Yeah, it’s open source software and now Google is using it in android. It’s seems Google just came under fire because the popularity of android.
So whatever the cause, the tech world needs to settle this lawsuit asap. It’s very hurt’s when we see these two powerful tech giant like Google& oracle and throw muscle to each other

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