Sunday, September 16, 2012

Europe begins strict rationing of IPv4 addresses

Due to the increasing scarcity of the old IP addresses to be issued in future only be limited.
Europe slowly go the IP addresses from under the old IPv4 standard. Companies may therefore only once to look for new addresses and get up to 1,024 of them handed out. The authority responsible for the allocation of European Internet provider organization Ripe NCC's response to the ever-increasing shortage of IP addresses.

The created in the 70s after the IPv4 address space includes standard 4.3 billion IP addresses. The then appears sufficient number is now almost exhausted. With IPv6 is indeed already a new standard in the wings, but the demand for the older addresses still very high.

Ripe NCC only yesterday were still 16 million IPv4 addresses available, for this reason, the allocation of providers now strictly regulated. After this single award of up to 1,024 addresses can be ordered any more. In addition, all applicants must demonstrate how and when they want to move to IPv6.

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